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Thermo-Acoustic Instability: A Notorious Phenomenon Under a Mahtematical Microscope
Tarih/Date: 12 Aralık/December 2013
Saat/Time: 10:00
Yer/RoomYTÜ Beşiktaş Yerleşkesi, Rektörlük Binası - Hünkar Salonu
We are bringing a transformative intersection of two seemingly distinct but very aggressively-pursued axes of research to the table. They are “Thermo-acoustic instability – TAI” and “Stability of neutral class systems with multiple and rationally independent delays”.   The former is at least 1 ½ century-old phenomenon which begs for a well-rounded and broadly accepted understanding.  TAI is the core issue, which we may arguably call the “holy grail” of the power generation industry including aerospace and energy generation fields (details in the text follow).  And the latter is a rare mathematical phenomenon (neutral class multiple independent time delay systems) which has been also broadly studied in the past 5-6 decades.  The point of intrigue is that a small sub-category under this class of mathematical systems (which, incidentally, happens to be the key descriptor of the TAI phenomenon) offers some unexpected and extremely surprising behaviors which were not thoroughly investigated to date. The marriage of these two axes of research is just blossoming in analytical as well as experimental fronts.  This talk discusses the novelties of the research at UCONN and foreseen impact in the power generation industry.
Biyografi/Biography: Prof. Dr. Nejat Olgaç

Nejat Olgac, Dr. Eng. Sci. Columbia Univ. 1976, M.Sc. Technical Univ. of Istanbul, Turkey 1972 (summa-cum-laude), both in Mechanical Engineering.  He has been a professor with the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Connecticut since 1981.  His research interests are in robust nonlinear controls, active vibration absorption, time-delayed systems, micromanipulation in bio-engineering. Dr. Olgac holds four patents, three on the Delayed Resonator active vibration suppression technique (1995-1996-1999)  and a fourth one on anti-chatter concepts in simultaneous machining (2011).  He is the director of Advanced Laboratory for Robotics, Automation and Manufacturing (ALARM) at UConn. Dr. Olgac was Visiting Professor at INRIA (Sophia Antipolis, France) 1988-89, SEW Eurodrive Fellow - Guest Professor at Technical Univ. of Munich, Germany in 1995-96 and Visiting Professor at Harvard University 2002-03). He was on the editorial board of the ASME Trans. of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control (1996-2004), and the guest editor of the Special Issue of JDSMC on Time Delayed Systems (June, 2003), is presently on the Editorial Boards of J. Vibration and Control, Int. J. of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems. He was a member and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division (2001-6). He was the General Chair of IFAC Time Delay Systems Workshop (TDS) 2012, and General Chairman of ASME Dynamic Systems and Controls Conference, DSCC 2013.  He is a member of the ASME Systems and Design Group Operating Board, he also sits on the A2C2 (American Automatic Control Council) Operating Board. Prof. Olgac is a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE), Fellow of ASME and Senior Member of IEEE.